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Vauban's Wars allows you to become one of the great captains of siege warfare: Vauban, Coehorn, Marlborough, or Prince Eugene of Savoy to name a few. The rules are designed to produce a fun and playable siege in an evening of gaming. The rules cover from 1672 to 1815 with these specific wars in mind:


Wars of the Louis XIV (1688-1697)

War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748)

Seven Years War (1756-1763)

Turkish Wars vs Russians and Austrians (1710-1812)

Wars of the French Revolution (1792-1802)

Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815)


Vauban's Wars allows the flexibility of using the player's favorite tactical rules for large sorties and assaults.


A turn is roughly 3-4 days, and the rules cover powder supply, critical damage, unique events, disease, weather, food supply, security, trench raids (minor sorties), coups de main, popular support, sapping, mining, countermining, espionage, etc.


1 x Spiral bound rule book – 97 pages (full color)

1 x Turn & Weather Sheet (hard card stock and full color)

2 x Quick Reference Sheets (hard card stock and Black and White)

1 x Powder Expenditure Sheet (hard card stock and full color)

6 x Sequence Deck Card Sheets that you can cut out and sleeve. (hard card stock and full color)


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Vauban's Wars

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