Pulse of Battle covers ancient massed combat, roughly the “Classical” ancient period from 1500 BC to 500 AD.

Pulse of Battle uses basic Field of Battle 2nd Edition mechanics, with the capabilities of ancient armies blended into the rule system. Card Sequence Decks randomize the turn sequence, and allow scenario designers to add special twists to the sequence by inserting unique cards. The fog of war is accounted for by the same Sequence Decks, as players find themselves managing the chaos of battle instead of plotting their next chess or checkers style moves.

Games of 20 unit melee-intensive armies can be completed in around 1 1/2 hours; smaller and larger games vary accordingly.

Historical Period Notes are compact military histories that are included for each of 14 periods:

 In the Days of Megiddo and Qadesh
 Assyrian Wars

Spears and Pikes
Greek and Persian Wars
Wars of the Greek City States
Alexander’s Wars
Wars of the Diadochi

Early Rome
2nd Punic War
Rome’s Rise in the east
The Wars of Julius Caesar

Imperial Rome
Conquest and Empire
Imperial Crises and Decline
The Late Romans

Han Chinese
China Divided

Pulse Of Battle

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