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Les Grognards 2nd Edition

Les Grognards 2nd Edition includes rules for 3 different game scales: Company scale (basic infantry unit is a company), Battalion scale (basic infantry unit is a battalion), and Grand Tactical scale (basic infantry unit is a brigade or regiment). Using the game scales in Les Grognards 2nd Edition, small actions from a few companies up to multiple Corps are possible. The three game scales allow experimentation with games of different scopes and scales with existing troops and mounting systems. All three scales use the same basing system; there is no need for rebasing.

Les Grognards 2nd Edition also includes Horizon Movement rules for the Battalion and Grand Tactical scale games. Horizon Movement eliminates virtually all measuring for movement. Horizon movement allows units to move based on the tabletop terrain and enemy unit's positions. Rather than measuring moves in small increments, moves are made based on limiting terrain or tactical situations. The result is a game that features dynamic, flowing movement rather than the same moves broken down into small increments as in standard measured movement games. 

Les Grognards 2nd edition features completely new material, incorporating 5 sets of rules (Company scale, Battalion scale, Grand Tactical scale, Horizon Movement Battalion scale, Horizon Movement Grand Tactical scale) and 37 different army lists. The new lists allow the unique characteristics of a wide variety of armies to be represented on the tabletop. The armies covered in Les Grognards 2nd Edition include:

Austrian (1792-1808, 1809-1815)


British (1798-1807, 1808-1811, 1812-1815)




French (1792-1804, 1805-1806, 1807-1812, 1813, 1814, 1815)

German States (Baden, Hesse Darmstadt)




Ottoman Turk


Portuguese (1800-1811, 1812-1815)

Prussian (1792-1807, 1808-1815)

Russian (1792-1811, 1812-1815)

Saxon (1792-1809, 1810-1815)

Spanish (1800-1810, 1811-1815)


War of 1812 United States (1812 - mid 1814, mid 1814 - 1815)

War of 1812 British-Canadian



Les Grognards 2nd Edition also includes extensive optional rules, making it an invaluable addition to the Piquet toolbox.


Les Grognards Second Edition

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