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Hostile Realms uses the drama and suspense of Piquet concepts including the Sequence Deck, impetus, opposed polyhedral die rolls and morale chips to bring a new style of warfare to the Fantasy army tabletop. This is a 160 page book.

There are special sections or rules on:

 Magic This is important but not dominating. More than 40 different spells in 4 levels of difficulty are included.

 Heroes and Champions (who may also be Wizards). These characters command subsections of the army, and may fight on their own as well. Their varying capabilities determine how they impact the battlefield.

Relics These magical items alter how units and/or heroes perform.

Fantastic Creatures The Bestiary covers 25 types, from swarms of bats to Wyverns. Many have special abilities such as poison, regeneration, causing disease, and/or use of magic.

Flight Some heroes may be mounted on flying steeds, and many creatures and even some units of troops may fly above the fantasy battlefield, raining missiles down upon their landbound foes, and/or swooping down from above to wreak destruction with weapons, teeth, and/or claws.

The Army Lists included in Hostile Realms cover 18 different forces inspired by the rich literature of Fantasy literature, and can be used as is or as a model for creating your own lists:

Empire of the Steppes with the fierce horsemen of the Khan and the Baked Clay Soldiers.

Northern Barbarian Confederation who can turn Beserk and sweep the battlefield clear.

The Realm who rely on steady troops and expert bowmen, supplemented by powerful magic.

The Middle Kingdom whose strength lies chiefly in the thundering charge of its famed Knights.

Followers of the Light whose Zealots turn the suffering of Martyrs into magical attacks!

Amazons who can have strange effect upon men who dare to invade their territory.

Sultanate of Harran and their great Mastodons topped by towering howdahs of warriors.

Kingdom of Gonfor and their famed elite fortress guards.

High Elves expert in magic and steady in combat.

Wood Elves proud and expert marksmen and woodsmen.

Dark Elves twisted members of an ancient race specializing in poison and evil magic.

Orcs short on brains but long on brawn, whose sheer numbers can overwhelm an opponent.

Goblins with less brawn but more cunning.

Dwarves who have harnessed the secrets of gunpowder and technology to serve them.

Mountain Dwarves who follow the old ways, glorying in their toughness and skill in combat.

Undead composed of foul creatures from the crypts and their malevolent human minions.

Lizard Men the survivors of an eldritch race, who call on many reptilian allies.

Ratmen skittering masses of rodent-like creatures that bring disease as an ally.


Hostile Realms Fantasy Battle Rules

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