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Field of Battle, 2nd Edition, features easily mastered game mechanics designed to emphasize the fog of war. Sequence card decks are used to determine the turn sequence and relative actions of each army.

All charts and information needed for play are included on a single reference sheet and the sequence cards. 

The 2nd Edition of Field of Battle, while using the same game mechanics as the 1st Edition, has been further developed and streamlined to provide an even more quick playing and dramatic game. Unit ratings have been refined, terrain movement rules have been clarified, melee has been modified to require completion of all melees upon their initiation, as well as the addition of a complete scenario generation system. Extensive testing, development, writing, and editing has resulted in a consistent and tight system.

Field of Battle covers the period from approximately 1700-1900. No additional supplements are required for play. Ratings are included for the following wars:

War of the Spanish Succession

Great Northern War

Jacobite Rebellion

Seven Years War

American War of Independence

Napoleonic Wars

Crimean War

American Civil War

Austro-Prussian War

Franco-Prussian War

Zulu War

Sudan (Mahdi)

Field of Battle 2nd Edition

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