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Cartouche Second Edition Supplement.
SYW - AWI - Marlborough (1690 to 1790)

The second edition of Cartouche is a greatly expanded version of this core Piquet supplement. Included are two game scales - battalion and regimental. These two game scales allow games to recreate tabletop games consisting of a few battalions a side right up to the full battles.

The Supplement introduces a range of new rules, with additional optional rules, that reflect warfare in the period between the 1696 and 1790. In addition, there are sections on each of the mayor periods covered. Each section includes period specific rules, which add more flavour to the supplement rules, as well as comprehensive army lists.

The sections included are-
Pike to Shot - covering the War of the League of Augsburg, Spanish Succession and the Great Northern War including 31 army lists.
The Age of Enlightenment - covers the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War including 20 army lists.
French and Indian War includes 2 army lists.
Warfare in the Indian Sub Continent includes 4 army lists.
The '45 Jacobite Rebellion including 2 army lists.
The American War of Independence includes 7 army lists.

Cartouche Second Edition Supplement

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