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This book contains 23 scenarios for use with Brent Oman's Horse and Musket era rules, Field of Battle, by Piquet

1) Sacile: April 16. Prince Eugene's first battle, where he was defeated by Archduke John.

2) Raszyn: April 19 Poniatowski's Polish troops, with Saxon allies, try to delay Archduke Ferdinand's advance on Warsaw.

3) Teugen Hausen: April 19 Davout's 3rd Corps advancing from Ratisbon must defeat Hohenzollern's Austrian III Corps to reunite with the main army and avoid destruction by Archduke Charles

4) Abensberg: April 20. The Emperor Napoleon arrives in Bavaria, and the momentum shifts decisively to the French and their allies!

5) Eggmuhl: April 22 Napoleon attempts to trap the retreating Austrians against the Danube. The Austrian rearguard must delay the French , and then make good their own escape.

6) Neumarkt; April 24 Austrian general Hiller turns at bay and chastises the pursuing French and Bavarians under Marshal Bessieres.

7) Grochow: April 25 Prince Poniatowski leads his Poles on a raid across the Vistula upon the Advanced Guard Division of Austrian General von Mohr.

8) Ebelsberg: May 3 Massena's troops attempts to destroy the Austrians of Hiller's command before they can retreat across the River Traun.

9) Battle on the Piave: May 8 Prince Eugene surprises Archduke John by making a bold crossing of the rapidly rising River Piave.

 10) Tarvis: May 17 Prince Eugene and the Army of Italy come across the weak Austrian VII corps under Albert Gyulai. Despite their strong position, the Austrians are swept from the field.

11) Aspern-Essling Day 1: May 21 Overconfidence and reliance upon a rickety bridge leave the French fighting for their lives along the Danbube.

12) Aspern-Essling Day 2: May 22 Unable to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, Napoleon is ultimately forced to retreat back across the Danube.

13) Gospic: May 21-22 Marshal Marmont attempts to chase the Austrians out of Croatia.

14) St. Michael: May 25 Johann Jellacic's Division is under orders to withdraw from Styria, but Eugene catches up with him and goes immediately to the attack!

15) 2nd Battle of Bergisel: May 29 Tyrolean Rebels, including Andreas Hoffer, harass Deroy's Bavarian Division near Innsbruck.

16) Klagenfurt: June 6 Chasteler's command must withdraw from the Tyrol. They and their baggage must pass by the walled town of Klagenfurt. French GD Rusca isn't planning to make it easy for them!

17) Raab: June 14 Prince Eugene faces Archduke John for the third time. With his army filled with large numbers of the untested Hungarian Insurrectio, John holds a strong defensive position.

18) Graz: June 26 “Une contra Dix”; Ignaz Gyulai attempts to destroy the isolated 84e Ligne; the result is one of the most celebrated feats of arms by the French Infantry.

19) Wagram: July 6 Napoleon and the Archduke Charles square off in what is the largest battle in the history of Europe to that point.

20)Wagram: Davout’s Attack The action on the French Right Flank.

21) Wagram: Rumble on the Russbach The central portion of the battle along the Russbacj stream.

22) Wagram: Crisis on the French Left Massena and Bernadotte attempt to stem the initial Austrian attack... without using up too many of the French reserves!

23) Znaim: July 11 The French catch up with the retreating Austrians, and battle is joined while peace negotiations proceed apace even as brave men on both sides fight and die.

1809: Blunders on the Danube

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