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Field of Battle

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Field of Battle features easily mastered game mechanics, minimal rules and table references during play, and an emphasis on the fog of war. Sequence cards establish the capabilities and sequence of actions of each army.

Field of Battle uses combat resolution tables and procedures that are familiar to Piquet players, but initiative and sequence deck use is completely unique. Rules have been streamlined to make processes consistent, simple, and as short as possible, All charts needed for play are included on a single reference sheet.


Field of Battle is an *opportunity to play/counter opportunity to play* game. The opportunity to act and play is equal for both sides, but the effectiveness of each army varies with the appearance of specific cards in the sequence deck.


Field of Battle covers the period from approximately 1700 to 1900. Field of Battle is a stand alone game - no additional supplements are necessary for play. Ratings are included for the following war:


War of the Spanish Succession
Great Northern War
Jacobite Rebellion
Seven Years War
American War of Independence
Napoleonic Wars
Mexican American War
Crimean War
American Civil War
Austro-Prussian War
Franco Prussian War
Zulu War
Sudan (Mahdi)


The same basic rules and procedures are used for all of the different periods with period specific rules provided to add color and unique features. MASTER RULES NOT REQUIRED TO PLAY

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